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Roweb Development
Internship Java for Enterprise Security
  • Internship Java for Enterprise Security

    Learn about:

    • Java OOP
    • How to use REST-based API to develop applications
    • How to work with security standards: Identity Federation (SAML), OAuth/OpenID Connect
    • Principles of security and how to write code adhering to these principles
    • Build actual solutions and solve real problems to mitigate security risks, prevent fraud and data breaches through cutting-edge open-source technologies and automation
    • OOP basic knowledge and principles, experience is a plus
    • Good communication skills in English
    • Curious about security, in particular authentication, access control, data privacy and protection
    • Team player while demonstrating ability to function independently if needed
    • Be part of a growing team in a startup-like environment where innovation is key
    • Mentorship and hands-on training in the latest technologies behind modern security systems
    • Brain-pick seasoned professionals with years of experience in Enterprise Security, Consultancy and product development
    • Bootstrap a carrier in security dev
    • Possibility of part-time and full-time collaboration

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